Bienvenue à la classe de français 2, deuxième semestre!!

If you were in Madame Ousselin's class for first semester, BIENVENUE!

-Please grab your name card and place it on your desk.

-If you do not yet have a name card, please make one (French name on 1 side, last name on the other side)

Aujourd'hui: Révision des verbes AVOIR et ALLER. (aller + verb)

La salle de classe: Les prépositions: sur, sous, dans, devant, derrière, au coin de, jusqu'à, etc.

Important French words that you MUST LEARN and KNOW.

If you are new to Madame Harvey's French class, please read through this carefully.

Le site web de Madame Ousselin

La Cité de Carcassonne et la Légende de Dame Carcas!

Le site web pour étudier Carcassonne

New song from class: Moi, J'aime skier

Without words:

With words:



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Some goals for you for the first few weeks of French class:

1. I can ask questions about other people.
2. I can respond to others about myself.
3. I can identify different regions and their specialties in France.
4. I can use some verbs to create sentences.
5. I can identify flags from different francophone countries.

Please review numbers, colors, your alphabet and vocabulary from French 1. (There are great resources on the French 1 page)

Regardez ce site web pour les drapeaux français:
Francophone flags

Le verbe avoir:

Les animaux (révision)

Quelques unités que tu vas voir:
1. La France et ses régions

2. Carcassonne